On Screen Keyboard needs work.

Jeremiah Flerchinger jeremiah.flerchinger at gmail.com
Mon Jul 16 22:00:13 CEST 2007

John Seghers wrote:
> Bryce Leo wrote:
>> I've been playing around more and more with the emulated OpenMoko
>> environment and I absolutely loath that On screen keyboard.
> I, too, have been using it.  I've also been using it with the Terminal app.
> There are a number of problems.
> 1) There seems to be no way to enter control characters. How are we, then,
> to enter ^C, ^D, or ^Z to a terminal? While these may not be needed for
> everyday apps, they surely are needed when having to use the terminal.
> 2) There are no cursor keys.  Again, many interactions with the terminal
> require them, and many applications, not specifically designed for the
> phone, will need them for navigation as well.
> 3) Delete does not work well with the Terminal.  It appears to be using the
> glass TTY method of backspace-space-backspace to erase the prior character,
> but the backspace isn't being interpreted properly by the terminal display,
> so instead you get BOX-space-BOX for each deleted character.
> 4) What *is* the bottom button of the input type selectors used for? It
> seems to just make itself more "lit" the more times you press it.
> - John
Hey John, hope you're doing well.  In regards to question 4, it's there 
to bring up a Chinese keyboard (after its layout created).

We actually can edit the layout ourselves and add keys in 
/usr/shar/openmoko-keyboard/keyboard.xml, but of course the structure of 
this file is scheduled to change completely.  Formatting & positioning 
will be pulled out into another file.  I originally petitioned for a 
*.css stylesheet, so we could test layouts in a browser, but as it 
stands I think an xml solution is being pursued.

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