Faster build process than openmoko-devel-image?

Rod Whitby rod at
Thu Jul 19 13:18:47 CEST 2007

Jeff Rush wrote:
> Alright, I've finally figured out how to add new packages to builds, and am
> starting to develop.  However, I'm finding the turnaround rather slow.  I'm
> using the commands:
>  (make changes)
>  # make openmoko-devel-image
>  # make flash-qemu-local
>  # make run-qemu
> And the openmoko-devel-image is always pulling stuff from remote sites, with
> lots of lines like:
> NOTE: Handling BitBake files: \ (4346/4353) [99 %]NOTE: Retrieved remote
> revisions: ['1468']
> Is there another make target that will skip checks for new stuff upstream and
> just rebuild my local work?

This is done by the openmoko patch to bitbake, which is in


Nullify that patch (and the other one which is applied after it, and
that might stop it doing those checks.  It could also break everything,
as I haven't tried it myself.

-- Rod

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