MokoLib list widget available?

Rodolphe Ortalo rodolphe.ortalo at
Thu Jul 19 23:10:56 CEST 2007

I tried to do some research myself so I used the MOKO_TREE_VIEW widget
defined in <libmokoui/moko-tree-view.h> . Seems to work, but I do _not_
get the same nifty style as, e.g. in openmoko-messages. I'd really like
to have the same nice brushed metal background and alternating row shade
in my list as in openmoko-messages, but how can I do that?
(I tried to mimic the setup done in the messages application in
src/main.c:populate_navigation_area(), but I don't see where/which style
is applied or where such a specific behavior is setup.)

Any help?


Le mardi 17 juillet 2007 à 22:27 +0200, Rodolphe Ortalo a écrit :
> Hello,
> I'm playing again with a small toy app in which I want to display a
> small vertical list of "time values". Using the GtkTreeView (with a
> GtkListStore) inside a GtkScrolledWindow seems to do the work with an
> appearance mostly correct but... shouldn't this be done with
> openmoko-libs specific widgets? If yes, which one please (navigation
> list, a simpler one?)?
> (BTW, this is certainly a finger app, so I'd really be glad to use the
> wheel instead of the usual scroll bar...)
> Sorry for asking the list but it seems libmokoui usage documentation is
> not so easy to find... (Maybe I can work on that too or at least a use
> case...:-)
> Rodolphe
> PS: Maybe a picture is better to understand the issue (or maybe I just
> couldn't resist ;-), see bottom left part of

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