Qemu, repository, dev env.

Lars Hallberg lah at micropp.se
Fri Jul 20 00:08:05 CEST 2007

Earlier (far earlier) I downloaded a pre built qemu image that kind of 
worked. Would be nice if a fresh such image where generated somewhere 
fairly regularly. Take much less to run then to build (both in ram, in 
diskspace and in knowledge - and I'm short of all three).

Is there any repository (with both OpenMoko and OpenEmbed pakages built 
for the neo) yet from where one can update such image the 'on the phone' 
intended way (ipkg). And if so, is ther a build environment available to 
install on the phone (or qemu image)? Stuff like svn, make, gcc, dev-libs?

I intend to eventually do small development *on* the phone (leave the 
office for the forest), and for now, developing natively (x86) on my 
laptop, and periodically compile it on the qemu to test and shake out 
bugs. Just feels straighter then setting up a cross compile environment, 
   and better used effort, because the build environment on the phone I 
will want to learn in the end anyway :-)

After all... only 7 years ago I replaced the old 486 90Mhz 16M ram as 
development machine... The neo should not be useless :-)

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