Qemu, repository, dev env.

Lars Hallberg lah at micropp.se
Fri Jul 20 12:31:44 CEST 2007

Jeff Rush skrev:
> I'm hoping for such a repository of pre-built packages as well.  I envision
> your more advanced user of the phone would install/deinstall variations of our
> creations, choosing dialer A or dialer B, based on their features, using a
> well-designed on-device GUI package manager.

Eventually, for now cli tools is OK but a repro is needed. Found this:


Two weeks old, but contains some lib*-dev* packages :-)

> But actually doing development -on- the phone -- that seems quite ambitious.
> Lacking a swap partition, being limited to 128M RAM

16M ram + 32M swap used to be enough... but I don't know if modern gcc 
can cope with 128M ram... hope so.

> and using flash that eventually wears out

Compiling on the sd-card that's easily replaced should solve this.

But other fast changing data (tmp-files, cash-files, db-index, log-files 
etc) is probably a worse problem. Maybe move /tmp /var and /home to the 
sd-card.... wonder if the kernel support bind-mount so the sd-card need 
not be partitioned.

An maybe a OpenMoko policy that all software should store files that 
change in a flux in one of those locations.

  -- such seems risky and would require a lot of patience.

Patience is no problem... started programming in the early 80:s :-)

> And using the screen keyboard for serious code development would be
> difficult,

Worse for messaging... programming rarely need allot of 
charterers/minute :-)


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