openmoko and ubuntu

Rodolphe Ortalo rodolphe.ortalo at
Tue Jul 24 23:12:00 CEST 2007

Le mardi 24 juillet 2007 à 13:28 -0700, michael at a
écrit :
> For the first cut, we could have it install OE and MokoMakefile, but not do
> the build.

Nice idea to attract more audience, but this software is really a fast
moving target currently (even in core libs like libgsm or
openmoko-libs). Is it a problem for such packaging?

Furthermore why don't you simply try to build natively on x86 an run
inside xoo+Xnest to give a first good looking glance for Ubuntu users?
(xoo and Xnest are already available in Ubuntu IIRC when I set them up
myself - however, you need to compile/package matchbox2 yourself IIRC)
Qemu is pretty heavy for a demo IMHO; but I guess the official
developers should be authoritative on this issue...


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