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andrzej zaborowski balrogg at gmail.com
Tue Jul 24 23:02:14 CEST 2007

On 24/07/07, Lars Hallberg <lah at micropp.se> wrote:
> ramsesoriginal skrev:
> >
> >
> > On 7/24/07, *Kieran Fleming*
> >
> >     A pre-built and up to date QEMU for linux, windows and mac would be very
> >     good, because at the moment it's way too hard to get it compiled. If
> >     no-one is doing this already, I would be happy to get this started.
> >
> >
> > You have my full support. It woul also be great if someone could put
> > everything in packages/installer/whatever. Something like "OpenMoko
> > emulator". I could (at least try) to do it for Ubuntu.
> Would be nice.
> I'm not sure, but I think qemu tun/tap and user networking don't work
> with the neo1973 openmoko kernel/qemu. It expect to use a emulated nic
> and neo1973 don't have one. The usb networking require a host kernel
> build so it is not user friendly. I se two possible solutions:
> a) build a 'generic' openmoko kernel with added ethernet support and put
(generic perhaps mean VersatilePB or Integrator)
> it on a 'generic' rootfs. Should run on stock qemu and with networking.
> Not a real neo1973 emulator but good enough for testing generic openmoko
> apps.

I think that's what most developers currently already use, aiui it's
what OE generates when you set "qemuarm" as machine name.

> b) Build in a simulated usb->ethernet device in the neo1973qemu and
> connect that to qemu networking. Have no clue whether this is hard or easy.

Not very difficult but you would also need to patch the kernel.

The openmoko qemu tree also has a 3rd party patch applied for normal
usb networking (i.e. the NIC is a usb device), which would seem to be
the ideal solution except it's buggy on 64bit hosts :(  more
information about the patch is here:


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