Is MokoMakefile or OpenMoko broken?

Clarke Wixon cwixon at
Fri Jul 27 00:34:17 CEST 2007

Jeff Wang <cjw39 at ...> writes:

> Yeah this error only happens when build target is fic-gta01; i486
> target don't have this program but has a completely different error.
> Thanks for the feedback.
>> It looks like this patch has gone upstream and no longer needs to be
>> patched in.  Unfortunalty this just exiting the shell messes up the
>> rest of the mtd_utils patches.

This diagnosis is exactly right.  The patch tries too hard and ends up
succeeding in patching the code in places it shouldn't.  When you arrive at that
shell prompt you have some pretty messed up code to deal with.

Fortunately there's a temporary workaround posted at:

Use this until the bitbake recipe and patches used by the makefile are fixed.

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