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Tue Jun 5 18:43:34 CEST 2007

This just came across on the SVHMPC list, and it seems to have great
potential, even though I haven't taken the time yet to understand it fully.
This is what the BT website says:

 	Need to integrate highly secure services such as Messaging, Voice, Location,
 	Authentication, Conference Call, Profile, or Contacts into an application?
 	Now you can with as little as one line of code.  We currently offer tools
 	for .Net, Java, PHP, and Python, and we are developing additional innovative
 	services to allow you to build ever more powerful solutions using BT's
 	global infrastructure.

Note also that the info comes from a BT employee on the SVHMPC mailing list,
so there is a good line of contact from "our" community to BT.

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I really hate to tout my own company, but I've just been talking to a
colleague of mine about the 21CN SDK (21CN is the name BT's giving to
this uber IP network). The SDK is available for .NET, java, PHP & python
and uses web services running on an internet-accessible BT server (I.e.
anyone can use it). You can do all sorts of things with it, find the
location (lat/long) of a GSM mobile, initiate calls, send SMS etc.

The services are currently in beta and are as such free to use. Anyway,
have a look:

Looking at some example java code, to start a 2-way call you do:

public static void main(String[] args)
 	String callee = "tel:+1719yournbr";
 	String caller = "tel:+1719callnbr";

 	ThirdPartyCall tpc = new ThirdPartyCall(callee, caller);

When the code executes, both the caller and callee's phones will ring.
When they pick up, they'll be talking to each other. To send an sms it's
even simpler:

public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception
 	MessageManager mm = new MessageManager();
 	mm.send("tel:447712345678", "Hello World!");

Surely this could be useful for something?



PS: Apologies again for the blatant plug of BT's products. :-)

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