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Jeff Wang cjw39 at
Thu Jun 21 08:18:42 CEST 2007

Hello,I'm also new to OpenMoko development. I'd like to write a simple app with GTK+. I ran the MokoMakefile, have the system running using QEMU, and found the ARM cross-compiler at $OMDIR/build/tmp/cross/bin/arm-linux-gcc.What I'm missing are the GTK+ libraries needed for cross-compiling. Could someone tell me where I can find the GTK+ libraries and header files for my devel environment?PS: My host system is: Ubuntu 7.04 GTK+2.10Any help is greatly appreciated!Jeff Wang> Hello,>> I want to start developing apps for openmoko but i haven't being able to> find any tools for that. i have browsed the wiki, projects and the other> sections of the website and no luck.> I'm interested on developing some thin client apps on the openmoko> framework as a proof of concept for my masters thesis on low coupled> distributed applications so it would be great if somebody could give me> some links for the documentation and developer tools.>> P.D. I also want to purchase a phone it looks like a very interesting> combination technology and philosophy!!>> thanks in advance.
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