Help.. How to apply patch to BitBake recipe file?

John Seghers jseghers at
Fri Jun 22 02:41:21 CEST 2007



OK, I'm new to this bitbake stuff. I've spent several hours tracking down
what appears to be the fix I need for the error I'm receiving in building

It seems that I'm running into bug #599.  And there is a patch file that
needs to be applied to the file.


Normally, from what I've been able to pull together, one would add the patch
file name to the SRC_URI variable in the .bb file for the package


However, this is a patch to this .bb file.  Is this kind of recursion
correct?  Does the patch get applied somewhere else?  Or do I just make the
patch change manually to the file? How do I keep this change from being
removed with the next build?


- John


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