Help.. How to apply patch to BitBake recipe file?

Rod Whitby rod at
Fri Jun 22 09:07:57 CEST 2007

Michael 'Mickey' Lauer wrote:
> Just do the changes manually.
> svn update shouldn't override, but rather merge changes together with
> yours, so you're relatively safe.

Note that if you are using the MokoMakefile, it will forcibly revert
your changes the next time you run "make update".  This is a feature
intended to make sure that any local patches applied are reverted before
pulling down new stuff from the svn repo, thereby ensuring that you are
building what the core team is building.

If you want to introduce patches into a MokoMakefile build, you can use
quilt in the normal way.  The patches get stored in the patches
directory, and these are not reverted (they are unapplied and then
reapplied by quilt each time you do a "make update").

-- Rod

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