How to simulate incoming calls?

Andrzej Zaborowski andrew at
Sat Jun 23 18:55:21 CEST 2007

John Seghers wrote:
> How do I simulate an incoming call?  I would assume I'd be using QEMU to do
> so, but I don't see any such options.

There wasn't any such option but I just added a QEMU monitor command
"modem ring" for that, because it seemed like an interesting idea.
Please note that the GSM modem emulation is experimental and while gsmd
evolves they will stop playing together as gsmd starts using more
undocumented commands.

Alternatively you can type AT messages directly into qemu's serial0 vc.

BTW for some reason rejecting or accepting the call makes
openmoko-dialer segfault in an strcmp().


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