Help.. How to apply patch to BitBake recipe file?

John Seghers jseghers at
Mon Jun 25 20:14:01 CEST 2007

Rod Whitby wrote:
> > I downloaded the patch file to "pulseaudio-bitbake-fix.patch" and placed
> > that in /home/moko/patches/openmoko-HEAD.
> If it's a patch to the OE stuff, rather than the openmoko svn, then it
> needs to go in the oe-related subdir of patches, not the openmoko subdir.

It's a patch to OE stuff that's in the OpenMoko tree.  I started to move it
to the openembedded/patches directory, but when I searched out the package
it would be modifying in that tree, I found that the openembedded pulseaudio
package is at version 0.9.5 instead of the 0.9.6 that is in the
openmoko/trunk/oe tree.

The file I need to patch is

And since there's a link from /home/moko/oe to /home/moko/openmoko/trunk/oe,
that file can also be found at:

> Yes, cause it's looking for it in the openmoko svn area instead of the
> OE checkout area.
> Put it in the other patches subdir, and it should work as expected.

Or did I misunderstand what you meant by "other patches subdir"?

- John

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