Development on OSX

Per-Olov Jernberg jernberg at
Thu Jun 28 12:38:16 CEST 2007


I have been following the progress of this project quite a long time 
since i first saw the early prototypes, as a long time programer i'd 
really like to get into developing for the device, but as i'm a recent 
switcher to OSX from Windows, i'd like to ask if there is any hope of 
doing app/core-development/debugging under OSX (or Windows)?

I'd guess the best way must be to run an emulated environment, so... can 
anyone recommend any specific *nix-distribution that i should run 
virtualized under VMware or Parallels etc or are they all good enough? 
(the problem running virtualized i'd guess is getting the communication 
to the actual device working for uploading files/firmwares to it etc.)




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