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Welcome to Openmoko!

If you are interested in development for Openmoko I would recomend signing
up to both the devel and community lists. A good place to start is to check
out the wiki as well The wiki also
contains all the information you need to get started with development using
emulation etc.

On 27/06/07, Christian Stüble <stueble at> wrote:
> Hi,
> I am not sure whether this list is the right one; I found information
> about
> the P1 device and the debug board, but not how to get them. Since we would
> like to use the OpenMoko device for our research and development projects,
> I would like to know how and where I can bye them.

This question would probably better posted to the community list, the latest
on this is:

Sean Moss-Pultz wrote:
Starting July 9th, we will launch and start taking orders.
We're going to have two configurations:

Neo Base -- everything the mobile application developer needs to enjoy
the benefits of the first freed phone, the Neo 1973:

 * Neo 1973 (GTA01B_v4)
 * Battery
 * Stylus
 * Headset
 * AC Charger
 * Phone Pouch
 * Lanyard
 * SanDisk 512MB MicroSD Card (2x)
 * Micro USB Connectivity Cable

Neo Advanced -- everything the mobile device hacker wants to get down
and dirty with the first freed phone, the Neo 1973:

 * Neo 1973 (GTA01B_v4)
 * Battery (2x)
 * Stylus
 * Headset
 * AC Charger
 * Phone Pouch
 * Lanyard
 * SanDisk 512MB MicroSD Card (2x)
 * Mini USB Connectivity Cable (2x)
 * USB Host Mode Cable
 * Debug Flex Cable
 * Debug Board v2 (JTAG and serial console)
 * Ruggedized Toolbox with shoulder strap
 * Guitar Pick (for opening case)
 * Torx T6 screwdriver

The delays have been expensive for us and annoying for you. We've
decided that instead of setting up a complicated return or tracking
system to remember who gets a discount for GTA02, we going to give you
_all_ a discount on GTA01.

We're going to sell the Neo Base for $300. The Neo Advanced will be

GTA02 (AKA: The Mass Market Neo 1973) is on schedule to go on sale in
October. It will have the following new hardware components:

 * 802.11 b/g WiFi
 * Samsung 2442 SoC
 * SMedia 3362 Graphics Accelerator
 * 2 3D Accelerometers
 * 256MB Flash

We will sell this device through multiple channels. Direct from, the price will be $450 for the Neo Base and $600 for Neo

We are a German company with the focus on communication security and
> operating
> system security. Since we are involved in several open-source projects
> that
> aim to develop an open security kernel (e.g.,
> ), we would like to use the Neo1973 as the underlying hardware platform.

Sounds interesting - good luck!


How and where can we get/buy the Neo1973 platforms and the development
> boards?
> Regards,
> Chris
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> Sirrix AG security technologies -
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