Development on the phone itself?

Ian Stirling openmoko at
Fri May 4 00:30:54 CEST 2007

Ben Burdette wrote:
> I'm interested in setting up development tools on the phone itself for 
> doing some programming on planes and etc.  Is it going to be realistic 
> to expect the C compiler and GTK libs, etc, to fit?  I'm thinking C++ 
> development here, I'm sure python and etc won't be a big deal assuming 
> they run at all.

With a gigabyte microSD, there is plenty of space.
You can install practically a full distribution, including GCC/...
You may want a bluetooth keyboard.
For smaller stuff, it's not unusably slow. Think a pentium 100 or so.
I'd expect a full rebuild of OM (neglecting the fact that it doesn't 
have the space) to take the better part of a month.

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