Mesh Networks over Bluetooth

Lorenzo Mainardi lormayna at
Sun May 20 22:45:58 CEST 2007

Hi everyone,
I would contribe to the OpneMoko Project; specifically I would
implementing some about mesh networks over Bluetooth to sent file, text
(and maybe, in future, voice) over this channel whitout infrastrucure. I
tought to porting a proactive routing protocol (I have in mind AODV, a
good and robust algorithm, but if someone have another good idea just
explain it here).
So, if what do you think about that?
I would also to know if the bluetooth devices is accessible using bluez
librairies or if there is some "proprietary" API...
I have been tried to register my idea on the "Project" section on
OpenMoko's website, but this seems down :-( ; I will do it in the
previous days when it will be accessible

Email: lormayna at
Mobile Phone: +393403027780
Key Fingerprint: 7983 85B4 C5C7 72A5 0B9A  DD83 7A25 1810 11DB 2B2A

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