Sound problem in Qemu

Andrzej Zaborowski andrew at
Tue May 22 18:38:23 CEST 2007

Sorry for the delay, I wasn't subscribed.

Content-Description: Forwarded message - Fwd: Sound problem in Qemu
> >Hello,
> >
> >I have a problem with the sound in Qemu.
> >I downloaded and installed the latest version of Qemu for neo1973,  
> >following the instructions given on 
> >OpenMoko_under_QEMU.
> >I use the "openmoko-devel-image- 
> >qemuarm-20070301164659.rootfs.ext2.gz" image that I downloaded from  
> > 
> >r1190/.

These images are for the "versatilepb" machine emulated by mainline Qemu
(note "-M versatilepb" in the .sh file) and they predate the Neo1973
emulator release - whose point is running the native images from

> >I configured Qemu manually so it might accept sound, but no sound  
> >drivers are detected when I run Qemu.
> >Here are 2 libraries I also installed in order to configure Qemu:
> >libasound2-dev
> >libsdl1.2-dev
> >
> >What do you think I should do to have access to that sound ?

VersatilePB machines don't have any audio hardware, so try emulating a
Neo1973, possibly using the openmoko/ script.  The audio emulation
is not heavily tested and the sound quality will likely be poor - I
recommend the Xoo or Xephyr approach for any serious audio related task.

If you'll be using qemu and have problems getting it to output sound,
you can set the QEMU_AUDIO_DRV variable to tell it what output driver to
use.  Valid values are:
  oss, alsa, sdl, none, wav, fmod
I had most luck with oss.


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