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Emre Turkay emreturkay at
Sat Nov 3 23:02:37 CET 2007

It would be great if someone can give exact pointers in the openembedded
wiki and specialize it to the openmoko and we can then put it to the
openmoko wiki. This would be a great step and I am sure lots of ppl will be
thankful for it.


On 11/3/07, Joshua Layne <joshua at> wrote:
> Emre Turkay wrote:
> > Hi folks,
> >
> > I want to make some changes in one of the openmoko applications (i.e.,
> > battery applet), compile it and generate an ipkg file. Install it on
> > the neo. Generate a patch to send to bugzilla or mailing list. How can
> > I do it, is it written in somewhere?
> Hi Emre,
> There are instructions on the wiki for getting a basic build environment
> set up for openmoko, and there are more detailed instructions at
> openembedded is a good build system, but it can be challenging to set
> up.  You will need a linux box for it with a fair amount of CPU, mem and
> disk (~10GB)
> You will need to modify the bitbake recipe for (e.g. battery-applet,
> although that is probably not the actual recipe name) and then once it
> compiles and works as you like, run a 'mtn diff' to generate the patch
> to submit.
> (these instructions would work for general openembedded packages, I
> assume the same holds for openmoko)
> Regards,
> josh
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