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I would recommend GeoClue. The purpose is to provide a single API for  
accessing any number of available Geolocation mechanisms. With gpsd  
your device is required to have GPS - and you then have to write to  
another interface if you want to use WiFi, IP, or a service-based  
geolocation. Also there is support for handling toponymic geocoding  
so if you want to use, or set, by a placename/city/region you can do  
that too.

(disclaimer, I'm a developer/supporter of geoclue)

On Nov 9, 2007, at 8:29 AM, Schmidt András wrote:

> Thanks for all replies!
> Currently the Moko port of Yama is only planned and I have no  
> OpenMoko phone yet.
> On PocketPC GPS binding reads the COM port directly and parses NMEA  
> itslef. The only reason for that is I did not find any  
> documentation of any gpsd like server on windows Mobile.
>> A better idea would be to use the dbus interface of
> geoclue[1], gypsy[2] or even gpsd[3].
> I think you are right.
> Yama's Moko GPS binding is in design phase, so I consider every  
> possible solution. I will read the documentation links you have  
> sent. The one I like most is gpsd.
> Soeren has written that there is a python binding, the gpsd page  
> says there is also a c and a c++ wrapper. One of these wrappers  
> could be wrapped by a C# library.
> It is also possible to create a native C# wrapper (that knows the  
> GPSD TCP protocoll) I believe.
> What do you think, which is the best approach?
> Schmidt Andr??s
> Koen Kooi ??rta:
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>> Schmidt Andr??s schreef:
>>> Hi!
>>> I am developing a cross platform Map viewer and GPS navigation
>>> application, called YAMA (
>>> It is written in C# and I am going to port it to OpenMoko. Is it
>>> possible now to read the GPS information (NMEA data for example)  
>>> with
>>> Mono. If not what sould be implemented to make it possible?
>> Having application parse NMEA and friend is a BIG waste of battery  
>> and
>> processing power. A better idea would be to use the dbus interface of
>> geoclue[1], gypsy[2] or even gpsd[3]. Otherwise we'll end up with  
>> half a
>>  dozen apps crunching on NMEA seperately instead of having a daemon
>> parsing it once and making the position + error available.
>> regards,
>> Koen
>> [1]
>> [2]
>> [3]
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