Android needs applications

Collin R. Mulliner collin at
Thu Nov 15 23:45:15 CET 2007

In my opinion Android should work quite well on a GTA02 device. I guess
sooner or later somebody will try to port it to the Neo then we will


On Thu, 2007-11-15 at 19:51 +0100, Andreas Jellinghaus wrote:
> Schmidt András wrote:
> > Is the Android platform going to be available on OpenMoko? Does anyone
> > know about that?
> openmoko is a software plattform, I guess you are asking about neo1973 hw?
> they seem to require some minimum CPU and neo 1973 has a too small one. 
> but I'm no expert at this, IIRC neo 1973 is arm 4 or 5 core, and android
> wants a arm r9 core or so. maybe I got it all wrong?
> Regards, Andreas
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