GTK vs QTopia vs Android - (was: Re: Android needs applications) (will be: new vision for openmoko)

Michael Schmidt schmidtm524 at
Fri Nov 16 14:59:33 CET 2007

2007/11/16, Ross Burton <ross at>:
> On Fri, 2007-11-16 at 14:30 +0100, Michael Schmidt wrote:
> > If I understand it right, the neo phone has now three options for an
> > operating system
> > - the current openmoko GTK operating system
> > - Qtopia from Trolltech
> > - Android linux from google.
> Last time I looked, the full Android stack wasn't open source.  They say
> it will be, but until it is Android is a closed platform running on
> Linux.
> Ross

Thanks for the feedback, good to hear, so the wall to fight is still
closed source, but the main point of the mail was, that the criterium
"closed vs opensource" now has not the main impact anymore.

The new direction is to make an alternative, which is not collecting data
(from which google makes its money). This is the uniqueness and
differentiation from Androids steered by Android Phone using google..

For that we need a clear launch date of Neo in the online shop and we
need a clear - in accordance to the community - agreement on which
operating system all - and then really *all* should agree and work on
this neo-launch - developers and applications then work.

So make a poll for GTK-OS versus Qtopia.
maybe it is not only a technical question. Is there an emulator to
test both systems on my windows machine? then i can give a vote based
on the stomach. If not, then I vote for Qtopia, as this allows secure
VOIP with the mentioned Qt-Application for openmoko.

Regards Mike

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