GTK vs QTopia vs Android - (was: Re: Android needs applications) (will be: new vision for openmoko)

Krzysztof Kajkowski cayco at
Fri Nov 16 15:26:01 CET 2007

Wiadomość napisana w dniu Nov 16, 2007, o godz 2:30 PM, przez Michael  

> Hi
> If I understand it right, the neo phone has now three options for an
> operating system
> - the current openmoko GTK operating system
> - Qtopia from Trolltech
> - Android linux from google.

Hi! Actualy those are not operating systems. Operating system is for  
example Linux. It is used for OpenMoko and Qtopia (I'm not sure for  
Android but I think also).

Also is it neccessary to cross-post to so many lists?

best regards


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