Build error in OE do_rootfs (missing gsmd gta01 plugin) due to stale sane-srcrevs entry

Rod Whitby rod at
Sun Nov 18 06:14:21 CET 2007

The current OpenMoko build from OE fails in do_rootfs, being unable to
find the gta01 machine plugin for libgsmd.

To get it to build, update the following line in

SRCREV_pn-libgsmd ?= "3434"

I left my Neos at work, so can't test the new image, so I shouldn't
check in that change without testing that gsmd works.

If someone can build it and test it, then please let us know so that we
can check in that new sane srcrev and allow the builds to complete (or
check it in yourself if you have commit privs).

-- Rod

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