pygsmd, alpha release announcement :)

Erin Yueh erin_yueh at
Mon Nov 19 09:38:33 CET 2007

I tried to build qemu-neo1973 with '--enable-phonesim', but i got a lot of errors about 
missing some QT header files. I guess we probably should include more QT lib in 

svn commit log is here:

How to use QEMU with phonesim is from here:


Sudharshan S wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am pleased to announce the alpha release of pygsmd, python bindings
> for the libgsmd API. The current build is set against revision 93 in the
> SVN head. Theres also an example script that mimics libgsmd-tool in
> shell mode, That should give an idea of how to use pygsmd in your code.
> Please do take a look at it. Its been a good learning experience so far
> and would love to hear your comments. Please do consider contributions
> towards the project. (If there is a python distutils expert lurking
> here, we need your help :))
> The initial ipks are available here
> All the known issues and other information are available in the release
> notes and the README in the svn repository. 
> The project page is available here
> Heres a screenshot of the pygsmd-shell in action on the neo
> and screenshot from the desktop (running phonesim to emulate a gsm
> modem)
> If you wish to setup phonesim and start hacking immediately please refer
> this blog post,
> Regards,

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