pyroute GPS app (+ bit of help needed)

OJW openmoko at
Sat Nov 24 18:05:46 CET 2007

I'm playing with a GPS application that's ostensibly designed for OpenMoko, 
but haven't actually got a Neo1973 yet to test it with (nor much luck with 
the emulator)

Is there anyone who could help to get it running in the actual openmoko 
environment; see if the GTK window actually runs, whether any of the modules 
it depends on are difficult to install, etc.

* Python
* Cairo
* GTK (just enough of a wrapper to let Cairo do all the drawing)
* Touchscreen-style inputs (a finger app; no stylus should be needed)

* OpenStreetMap maps
* Route finding (within city-sized areas)
* Routing for cyclists, pedestrians, etc. as standard
* GPSD integration if you have a GPS
* or just set your position manually on the map
* GeoRSS and geonames (plus POIs from OSM soon)

Future plans:
* Download longer routes from a "route finding web service"



p.s. anticipating lots of angry emails demanding I contribute to some *other* 
gps app instead -- please don't send those...

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