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Sat Nov 24 20:11:39 CET 2007

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OJW schreef:
> I'm playing with a GPS application that's ostensibly designed for OpenMoko, 
> but haven't actually got a Neo1973 yet to test it with (nor much luck with 
> the emulator)
> Is there anyone who could help to get it running in the actual openmoko 
> environment; see if the GTK window actually runs, whether any of the modules 
> it depends on are difficult to install, etc.

To run it you need to copy over the sourcedir and do[1]:

'ipkg install python-pycairo python-pygtk python-netclient python-xml
python-html python-netserver python-crypt python-threading'

before running

Everybody likes screenshots:

see for some more screenshots

The zoom feature is quite nice after getting used to it, and the menu
buttons are nicely thumb-sized as well.

It does need some kind of busy indicator, since the neo is quite slow
and will most likely download maps over a slooooow link like gprs.

This looks like a nice app, and it's almost as nice as maemo-mapper, but
waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay nice than gpsdrive :)



[1] This works in angstrom, no idea if the openmoko feeds have the stuff .

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