pyroute GPS app (+ bit of help needed)

OJW openmoko at
Sat Nov 24 22:32:52 CET 2007

On Saturday 24 November 2007 19:11:39 Koen Kooi wrote:
> It does need some kind of busy indicator, since the neo is quite slow
> and will most likely download maps over a slooooow link like gprs.

I did try downloading maps in a separate thread (see -- but disabled 
it because the threads refused to die when the program closed (not sure how 
you interrupt a urllib.urlretrieve) and left you unable to close the program.  
Maybe someone who knows python threads could re-enable it and see what's 

It will also have an option to tell it your connectivity (not sure if there's 
anything global to openmoko), basically:
* no network; don't use any maps not in cache
* expensive network; download only what you absolutely need
* free network; download anything you think you might want

along with the usual download options
* download maps between here and my destination (with a very granular route)
* download maps for x km around my destination
* download maps for x km around some complicated city that I have to drive 
through on the way to my destination

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