OpenMoko application as Final Year Project

Joshua Layne joshua at
Tue Oct 9 17:30:24 CEST 2007

Derek Pressnall wrote:
>> Your idea is novel (to me), but the following seems more useful for text input:
> Someone else pointed out hexinput to me.  The main problem I see with
> hexinput is that either  the graphic that pops up when you hit a key
> will run off the edge of the screen for keys along the
> left/right/bottom edges of the keypad, or the keypad will need to be
> much smaller in order to make room for the part that pops up on the
> sides.  The other option would be to always pop up the additional
> button graphic in the middle of the keypad, but that would require two
> distinct taps instead of a tap/drag/releas motion.
This hexinput (linked above) is a bit different - there is no popup.  It 
is a keyboard layout similar to qwerty, but optimized for a specific 
language to allow you to type words by dragging your finger/stylus as 
much as possible instead of lifting between each character.

Unless we are bound to a physical keypad, I really don't see the point 
in constraining to a numeric keypad format, regardless of 
popup/wiggle/whatever.  Future FIC devices might have a numeric keypad, 
or others might port older hardware to openmoko (my POS WM05 HTCtornado, 
for example), and then it might make sense, but you would loose the 
ability to 'wiggle'

just my opinion.  I would love to see an implementation of the hex 
keyboard above though.


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