OpenMoko boot process - description anywhere?

Alessandro Iurlano alessandro.iurlano at
Mon Oct 15 20:36:40 CEST 2007

On 10/15/07, Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller <hns at> wrote:
> I am looking to replace some processes loaded during the boot process
> of OpenMoko but I do not have a complete overview about the tons
> of .conf and .rc and .d files and directories on the OpenMoko system
> - I am specialized on MacOS X and Linux/X11/GPE does some things
> quite differently.
> What I mainly need is to run the X server as usual but not start the
> window manager and all the gpe applications, toolbars etc. (but my
> own daemons).
> Any pointers into which config directories or wiki page I should look
> would be really appreciated.

If you have a look here you
will find some graph showing what processes are started and when. This
will probably give you an overview of what's happening.
To change that, you need to know how System V boot process works (a
quick explanation is here The scripts are in
/etc/rc*.d and /etc/init.d. The package is initscripts.

Hope this helps,

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