Questions on writing an input method

Derek Pressnall dpressnall at
Mon Oct 15 22:50:46 CEST 2007

On 10/15/07, Claes Mogren <claes.mogren at> wrote:
> Just a question, have you taken a look at
> ?

I haven't looked at that one specifically, but upon initial inspection
it looks like it's hooks are specific fo the Hildon framework (which
is another alternative to the openmoko framework, I take it).  I'd
like to find / contribute to documentation & examples of using the
OpenMoko hooks.  However the specifics of how it handles the input
window could definately be useful to build upon.  I'll have to take a
closer look at it.

If I can't figure out the OpenMoko specifics, I'll initially put
together a standalone input program that spits it's output to stdout,
for demo purposes.

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