build breakage: midori-0.0.8 clash with webkit rename?

Dan Wilder dhwilder at
Wed Oct 17 14:47:08 CEST 2007

Has anybody else run into the clash between midori-0.0.8
references to webkit names and the recent renaming in webkit?

I'm building using MokoMakefile, OPENMOKO_GENERATION = 2007.2,
"make update" followed by "make all" targets.

The webkit name changes are summarized in this, reformatted

  Rename the namespace from WebKitGtk to WebKit. Move the various
  *Client classes into the WebKit namespace. Change the class names to
  not contain Gtk. The file names have to contain the Gtk suffix to 
  not clash with files in WebCore (e.g.  bridge/EditorClient.h).

See also

look for "webkit".

The changes are reflected in the webkit brought into the OpenMoko
build, resulting in build breakages.

For example, in 

midori-0.0.8-r0/midori-0.0.8/src/document.h line 48:

  void on_frame_title_changed(WebKitGtkFrame*, const gchar*, const gchar*

elicits a compiler error at line 48.  Unsurprising as WebKitGtkFrame
is no longer defined.  If the line is changed to read:

  void on_frame_title_changed(WebKitFrame*, const gchar*, const gchar*

and perhaps 20 other small related changes, midori at least does not
break the build.

As of a few hours ago

  make update

didn't pull in a fix.

Changes were arrived at with some time spent referencing


changing target files in


I'm quite a newbie at this project however and have not a clue 
where to take things from there.  It builds for me, at least
for the moment.

Post something someplace?  Different forum?  ??

Dan Wilder <dhwilder at>

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