Mathias Rüdiger ruediger at blueboot.org
Fri Oct 26 10:36:54 CEST 2007

Some time ago there was a discussion about extending the Neo with
something like the good old IPaq Jackets. If you find someone who could
modify the casing, adding a DVB-T receiver (maybe connected to the USB
port) and a additional battery would be easy.


Michael Schmidt schrieb:
> Hello,
> did not know if it has been mentioned or if i posted this link
> http://www.gigabytecm.com/eng/gbc_product.feature.aspx?pid=40
> Is it possible to add DVB-T  Televison to Openmoko Phone?
> Thanks, really I regard this a sessential to have DVB-T and not DVB-H or DMB !!I
> It is free and unlogable. A DVB-T2 Standard will be out soon as well..
> Thanks for a consideration Mike

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