Current bugbears

Giles Jones giles.jones at
Mon Sep 3 21:18:45 CEST 2007


Sadly I've not been able to devote as much time on the phone as I  
hoped. So I would like to offer a few "hints" on what irritates me.

Firstly the current startup sound is irritating, it's too loud, clips  
on my phone and it's totally unnecessary. Can you imagine yourself  
sitting on a train and having that go off? By all means have it as an  
option, but by default have no sound.

Secondly, if a component such as a task bar or menu bar crashes, it  
should relaunch itself. Simple to do, have it launch via a script  
with a loop in it, the command the script launches blocks the script,  
if it dies it gets run again.

Volume panel, this is urgent, we need a way to adjust volume easily  
since there is no vol up/down buttons.

Technical jargon in the interface:

1. "the ui is launching", why not simply "Please wait..."?

2. Power up GSM attenna etc..., most people are used to "Flight mode  
on", "Flight mode off" etc.., why even have a power up and down. Be  
intelligent, check the status of the GSM hardware and if it is down  
show the "Flight mode off" menu, if it is powered up then show the  
"Flight mode on" menu.

Also, what is the point of the "register" menu entry? if the GSM is  
up it should always be seeking a connection.

Hope you agree with these? they're what any end user would expect.

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