Current bugbears

Kero van Gelder kero at
Mon Sep 3 23:41:25 CEST 2007

Warning: if you expect friendly, constructive response,
read only the very last paragraph of this e-mail.

If you do not like developer + end-user compromises,
mixed with commonly found GUI mistakes, read the whole e-mail.

>>> Technical jargon in the interface:
>>> 1. "the ui is launching", why not simply "Please wait..."?
>> Or better yet, "Starting. Please wait."
> Sensible enough. Some animations would be nice so long as they don't slow 
> down the bootup.

How is "Starting, please wait" sensible?
It better be starting, I just booted the device.
And I can see I have to wait, too.

Contrary to popular believe, twirling icons do not
say _anything_ about progress on a properly multitasking OS.

Also contrary to popular believe, progress bars do not show
progress in any meaningful way.

And of course I do not want TWO progressbars
(or a progressbar followed by "please wait")

As a developer, I want to see the console, period.

As a possible end-user, somewhere in the future, I want to boot
my phone exactly once. It'd be nice if it boots fast, but it'd be
sooooo much better if I never need to (re)boot at all.


Here's my bugbear:

Right now I am ten times more worried about non-existing power
mgmt preventing me from becoming an end-user (2 or 3 hours on battery
is not long enough on a regular working day, really).

> Has anyone worked on the bootup speed? I've seen upstart in action on my 
> MythTV box and the bootup speed is impressive.

No idea what factors of speed your mythTV hardware has on the Neo.
My laptop beats my PC at work handsomely, because there is no (sloooow)
scsi bus detection scheme, ran by both BIOS and kernel.
Both have a 533 MHz bus to memory, tho.

What does help, is parallellizing various independent startup scripts,
as someone did (not for Neo) be replacing init scripts with make.


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