Current bugbears

Giles Jones giles.jones at
Tue Sep 4 00:01:27 CEST 2007

On 3 Sep 2007, at 22:41, Kero van Gelder wrote:

> How is "Starting, please wait" sensible?
> It better be starting, I just booted the device.
> And I can see I have to wait, too.

Since the end user doesn't care what they are waiting for and might  
not know what a UI is.

> As a developer, I want to see the console, period.

If you're developing the bootup process or system then sure.

> Here's my bugbear:
> Right now I am ten times more worried about non-existing power
> mgmt preventing me from becoming an end-user (2 or 3 hours on battery
> is not long enough on a regular working day, really).

I've not had problems recently since I started taking the battery out  
and charging it all the time.

> No idea what factors of speed your mythTV hardware has on the Neo.
> My laptop beats my PC at work handsomely, because there is no  
> (sloooow)
> scsi bus detection scheme, ran by both BIOS and kernel.
> Both have a 533 MHz bus to memory, tho.
> What does help, is parallellizing various independent startup scripts,
> as someone did (not for Neo) be replacing init scripts with make.

Well it's gone from taking a minute or two to booting in about 30  
seconds. It's the only Ubuntu system I use, my main box is a Mac and  
I run Kubuntu under a virtual PC.

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