Current bugbears

pauric pauric at
Tue Sep 4 00:25:20 CEST 2007

Kero"Contrary to popular believe, twirling icons do not
say _anything_ about progress on a properly multitasking OS."

Functionally this is true, however, as we're talking about end users
then animations do say something: the system is working, not stalled.
For a modern, non-objective, os independent example of the 'in
progress' interaction you can look at any of the online travel
aggregators (travelocity, expedia)

I addition to the 'Im not stalled) the animation gets you is the
perception of speed from the user.

And splitting the boot-up in to sections as in XP increases the
perceived speed even if the boot-up progress is slower compared to
other OSs.

Also, contrary to popular misconception... its spelled 'belief' (o;

take care - pauric

p.s. reminder, my neo 1973 is for sale on ebay for anyone interested...

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