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>>> Also, what is the point of the "register" menu entry? if the GSM is up
>>> it should always be seeking a connection.

>> Not necessary. Even my old Siemens S65 phone allows one to disable
>> automatic network search, so that if it loses network, it doesn't try to
>> register automatically (and therefore doesn't waste battery power). In
>> this mode, you can get it to register manually using a similar menu  
>> entry.

> AKA: flight mode. Is it not just the thing that supposedly breaks
> interferes other gadgets in hospitals and aircrafts..?

It's not the same as flight mode. When you enter flight mode, you  
disconnect immediately. When you disable automatic network searching, you  
don't disconnect, but if disconnection happens, you don't try to reconnect.

That's what I had in all my Siemens phones. Still not sure if it is of any  

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