How to Handle Dependencies Correctly

Marcin Juszkiewicz openembedded at
Thu Sep 6 11:58:30 CEST 2007

Dnia środa, 5 września 2007, John Seghers napisał:

> I think the issue here is the difference between RDEPENDS and DEPENDS
> variables.  When something is set in DEPENDS variables, it means that
> package must be built by the .bb scripts before the dependent package
> is built.  RDEPENDS means "I've got the package and it needs to be
> added to the image"... a Runtime Dependency vs. a build dependency.

DEPENDS are build-time dependency
RDEPENDS are install-time dependency

If you need "buz" to build "foo" you adds it to "foo" DEPENDS. If "foo" 
require "bar" to work on device you adds "bar" into "foo" RDEPENDS. 
BitBake will build "buz" before "foo" and "bar" will be built too.

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