Finger vs. stylus based apps

Michael Goff mike_goff at
Sat Sep 8 00:27:27 CEST 2007

Is there any preference for developing finger vs. stylus based apps for
OpenMoko/Neo1973? Most of the apps written for OM2007.1 seemed to depend
upon a stylus, but the OM2007.2 UI update makes finger navigation easier.

I'm sure that either one will be fine for third-party apps. But what about
the core apps shipped with OpenMoko? Is the phone being presented to the
public favoring one input method over the other? I think this will have in
impact upon the common libmokoui widgets developed for the phone. For
example a finger-based file requester would be a bit different than a
stylus-based one.

I was just wondering about this while considering different application


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