problems with my first root filesystem

Ray Lehtiniemi rayl at
Mon Sep 10 08:42:16 CEST 2007

hi all

this is my first time completing an openmoko build (or even openembedded 
build, for that matter) so hopefully i've just done something silly here...

i just built a copy of P1-September-Snapshot using mokomakefile and am having 
no luck.  i flashed the kernel and rootfs to nand using dfu-util and 
rebooted.  it got as far as freeing init memory, then froze up.

i built a tar rootfs, NFS exported it, and mounted via NFSroot, with the same 
results.  i did notice that ttySAC0 and ttySAC1 weren't included in my /dev 
for some reason, but creating them by hand didn't seem to help.

i think the kernel is basically sane because it responds to button presses, 
the USB ethernet device comes up and down when i plug the neo into P3 on the 
debug board, and i can ping the neo over the ethernet connection.

interestingly, sysrq-t doesn't function, although magic sysrq is enabled. if i 
boot with nfsroot and init=/bin/false, then sysrq-t shows me a bunch of 
kernel threads running, but no user threads. booting into /sbin/init seems to 
interfere with magic sysrq, however.

things of note during the build process:

  - webkit wasn't building for me, so i commented out openmoko-feedreader

  - binutils-cross is version 2.18, and i'm on a 64-bit AMD machine.  i saw a
    note somewhere about using 2.17.50 on 64 bit machines because 2.18 dies
    horribly.  however, mokomakefile wanted to build 2.18, so i went with it

  - ttySAC0 and ttySAC1 weren't in my tar rootfs for some reason, no idea
     if they are in the jffs2 rootfs

i'm out of ideas on how to proceed this evening.  any clues welcome.


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