The ongoing SRCREV saga

Richard Purdie rpurdie at
Thu Sep 13 00:20:24 CEST 2007

There is a certain amount of friction in the community regarding the
recent SRCREV additions of which I've received my share.

The concerns are really about how we're using SRCREV in OE rather than
about the bitbake implementation itself which is an important

The basic problem is that people view the change as making parsing
dependent on network access which was never the intent. If people added
a revision to every time they added a SRCREV based .bb
file we wouldn't have a problem and parsing never would depend on
network access. I'm living on another planet if I expect that to happen
in reality though so this approach simply isn't going to work though.

I'm therefore proposing we change bitbake.conf to read:

SRCREV = "1"

This puts an end to network access when a SRCREV hasn't been set in Anyone wishing to default to svn head in these cases
can add this to local.conf (or their distro):


I propose keeping for distros to include to have
meaningful revisions for srcrev based packages.

If a distro like openmoko wants to make cutting edge development
possible I suggest creating a .inc file which sets

SRCREV-pn-whatever = "${AUTOREV}"

for the packages they want to make floating.

I firmly believe that floating SRCREVs should be opt in and these
changes allow that whilst still letting distros or users make use of
floating versions. I'd also advise openmoko against making SRCREV =
"${AUTOREV}" the default and to only make the packages they need
floating but thats not my call to make :).

Are there any objections to the above? I'll probably commit this fairly
quickly if the openmoko devs are agreeable.



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