SMedia 3362

Tom Cooksey tomcooksey at
Thu Sep 13 05:47:06 CEST 2007

Sorry to post to the devel list, but I've posted on the community list
a few times and still not got a reply (I think the thread got bogged
down in FOSS/NDA/etc discussion)...

What sort of software support (a.k.a. "Driver") can we expect to see
for the SMedia 3362 in the GTA02? Linux FBDev, DirectFB, Xorg XAA,
patched KDrive or something else entirely?

I realise OpenGL ES probably isn't a priority for you guys, but has
anyone spoken to Mesa3D guys about getting OpenGL ES into Mesa? It
would be pretty cool to use the DRM/DRI on the neo.

Also, is the chip based on a PowerVR MBX 3D core, or is it entirely SMedia's IP?



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