svn commits to

Lars Hallberg lah at
Sun Sep 16 23:07:06 CEST 2007

Michael Goff skrev:
> Great, thanks for the hint. I can checkout via anonymous DAV just fine. But
> what command do you use to do the anonymous DAV commit? The standard svn
> commit errors out for me:
I did a checkout with:

$ svn checkout --username /developername/

With my username for /developername. I was not asked for a password. 
Then i simply do:

$ svn commit -m "log entry"

To commit... Not asked for password then ether. But "/*Enable Anonymous 
Access" is checked in scm->admin.*
However.... Was 1½ week ago, NOW it seams not to work, but different error:

~/finger/key2key/trunc$ svn commit -m "dummy test"
Lägger till         trunc/design.txt
svn: Arkiveringen misslyckades (mer information följer):
svn: PROPFIND-förfrågan misslyckades till 
svn: PROPFIND till '/svnroot/finger-keyboard/key2key/trunc/design.txt': 
302 Found (

Sorry for the Swedish, 'misslyckande' is failure, 'förfrågan' is 
request, the rest is hopefully understandable.


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