svn to projects dont work?

Lars Hallberg lah at
Sun Sep 23 20:56:47 CEST 2007

Two weeks ago I last committed new files to a project (DAV, anonymous 
acces). But since about a week commit no longer work:

$ svn commit -m "dummy test"
Lägger till         trunc/design.txt
svn: Arkiveringen misslyckades (mer information följer):
svn: PROPFIND-förfrågan misslyckades till 
svn: PROPFIND till '/svnroot/finger-keyboard/key2key/trunc/design.txt': 
302 Found (

Update (probably) work:

$ svn update
Är på revision 10.

Commiting changes to existing files work:

$ svn commit -m "dummy test"
Skickar             trunc/
Skickar filinnehåll .
Arkiverade revision 11.

This is a bit of a problem... Project is:

Thanks /LaH

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