Contacts Testing on 04032008

Allen Lin allen_lin at
Thu Apr 3 11:35:12 CEST 2008

Contacts Testing on 04032008

Hardware: Neo FreeRunner

NAND Kernel 	uImage-2.6.24+svnr4301-r4251-r5-om-gta02.bin
NAND Root Filesystem 

NAND U-Boot 	uboot-ref-svn4297.udfu
NAND U-Boot_env 	env-5secs.env
NOR U-Boot 	nor-ref-svn4297.bin

Test Plan:
Test Cases 	Status
1. Add new contact through Contacts 	Pass
2. Create new contact through Dialer 	Pass
3. Add to contact through Dialer 	Pass
4. Create new contact through Messages 	Pass
5. Add to contact through Messages 	Pass
6. Load contact list from SIM card 	Pass
7. Call and talk through Contacts 	Pass
8. Send the message through Contacts 	Pass
9. Delete old contact 	Pass
10. Edit old contact 	Pass
11. Add contact to the Group 	Pass

6. Sometimes cannot load contact from SIM card because of busy system

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