accellerometer test

Crane, Matthew mcrane03 at
Thu Apr 3 16:31:13 CEST 2008

I notice you mention only one chip is currently working as isr source.
But isn't there two independently configurable pins connected to irqs
from that one chip?  I didn't dig into the schematic, not sure.  


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> It seems to me there is basically one number you can set, and then you
> can decide if X, Y and/or Z go above or below that number makes an
> interrupt.  It looks like this number is absolute, ie, if you set it
> 5 then going above or below 5 x 18mG "in + or -" will trigger it.
> So you can almost get what you are looking for, just that there is
> one number allowed.

Excellent! When do you have time to give that a go? :)



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