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> Hi!
> I am developing an open source map viewer (GPS) application that will 
> work on the OpenMoko platform in Java ( It
> has an own map format, it can convert maps and it
> has a converter for Garmin img format maps too.
> Now I am thinking of implementing routing so that he program could 
> propose a route and tell the driver where to turn the car. I am only 
> thinking of offline solutions. I have done some brainstorming on what 
> must be implemented to let it be usable 
> ( It would be
> nice to generate a storm in your minds too - it is an interesting
> problem!
> My question is how would you implement a routing engine so that it
> can work efficient on huge slices of OSM (and other) maps even for
> big distances. These maps are cut from the full OSM planet (that is
> now about 3G in xml.bz2 format) and one phone owner could have huge
> areas on the phone offline. So it is obvious that we have to process
> that data clever to be efficient!
> In my opinion source and target selection by name and routing itself 
> would require a database or at least an indexing service. So cities 
> could be searched by name.
> The question is what database or indexer should be used. The aspects
> are:
>  - lightweight enough for the limited power of portable devices
>  - Reachable from Java
>  - Let the indexes be built on the desktop computer and copied on the 
> PDA's flash memory card directly
>  - The PDA can also add indexes (insert custom POI's name or install
> a new map without the use of the computer)
>  - portable: so it can be used on Windows XP or even on Windows
> Mobile later
> What database would you use? I was thinking of:
>  - Java DB (
>  - Just an indexer - apache Lucene
>  - A native database - mysql or postgresql
> Happy hacking!
> Schmidt András

sqlite ( It's a lightweight, single file db.

Ewan Marshall (ewanm89/Cap_J_L_Picard on irc)
Geek by nature, Linux by choice.
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