[RFC] change openmoko-panel-gps to notification only?

Tim Niemeyer tim.niemeyer at mastersword.de
Wed Apr 16 14:09:53 CEST 2008


> On Wed, Apr 16, 2008 at 07:37:27PM +0800, John Lee wrote:
> > Since now we can turn on/off gps from neod (power button), and it's
> > relatively harder to reach the edge of touch screen on neo, I would
> > like to propose we remove the popup menu from every icon on panel.
> > This will be consistent with the wifi and usb icons.  What left now
> > are gsm and bluetooth.
I think a way for the end-user would be, that the application thats
needs the GPS turns it on and of course turns it off afterwards!
The Panel should then only inform the User that it is on/off. 
Maybe the user should be able to force-off if an app crashed.

Or even better:
A deamon wich switches gps on or off if the apps requests gps there.
This deamon could also control the gps if the requested app crashes, 
or if there are more than one app.
And it can abstract the hardware, wich is a must for GTA01 compatiblity.

Tim Niemeyer
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